D^3 Spring 2019!

Drop Everything and Design Day was another great success this spring!

This semester, students were tasked to make their own sailboats that could not only sail the fastest in a race, but also withstand several weight and wave challenges. When students were asked about what they wanted their boat to be like, they responded "we wanted it to be like a speed boat type and make it aerodynamic. We put tape all over it so that it could survive the water test and could keep our rubber duck dry. We also put these washers here at the back to level out the wright cause most of it was at the front."

Zion (white jacket) told me about the were going to survive the wave challenged (when a ball is thrown into a pool with the sailboats). "See that? We built a fence around the boat to deflect the water from the ball." When I asked him what he was working on (left), Darius described, "I'm working on the propeller part of it." How does it work? "You basically wind it up and it hits the water to make the boat move and give it extra speed."

Ryan and Jaylen (on the left) named their boat "Akuma," or devil in Japanese. When I asked them what their sailboat-building process was, they described some of their toughest moments: "We had to add this foam thing to the left side to add buoyancy so it doesn't fall over. Also, adding to this sail was really hard--we had to add thes strings to keep the sails up--but now it sometimes catches too much wind." RYan and Jaylen's boat doesn't have a propeller because it relies completely on windpower.

I caught up with Aniyah, Janiya, and Kristyanna (right) while they were putting their boat through the weight challenge. "We taped it all up a lot so our duck wouldn't get wet and put styrofoam that the bottom." Did you use a propeller? "No we put a balloon at the back so you can blow it up to make it go." Their boat was able to hold 75 washers!