Enrichment Committee

Members of the Enrichment Committee are paired with teams of Operations members who travel to the sites each week. Enrichment team members work closely with the Facilitators and Site Directors to devise the projects that the scholars will work through in the weekly after-school sessions. These projects place emphasis on creative design solutions developed through hands-on learning. Enrichment has developed many great projects to engage the scholars. Scholars have explored acceleration by crafting egg-saving devices, observed aerodynamics through bottle-rocket design, and learned electromagnetic principles through building paper-cup headphones, to name a few.



VP of Enrichment: Finn Voichick

Class of 2020

Madison, WI

Computer Science, Math

Minor in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology

CSE research, BitBrawl programming competition, TA for CSE 231

"I originally joined Studio TESLA because I had a great time as a kid with the same kinds of hands-on challenges that TESLA is all about. The first step to STEM education is STEM engagement, but that’s a step that’s sometimes forgotten. Studio TESLA excels in this area, and I love this opportunity to make science cool and engineering fun. I find the Enrichment team especially fulfilling because of how open-ended it is: we take interesting problems and make them accessible and exciting to a bunch of rowdy middle-schoolers. It’s a challenge, but a very rewarding one."